Inside My Camera Bag: Winnie Au

Sep 19 2014


For this week’s installment of Inside My Camera Bag, we reached out to one of our favorite photographers, the delightful Winnie Au. Winnie’s effervescent personality translates beautifully through her work, which bubbles over with warmth, playfulness, and serious fun. Winnie’s work has been published in GQ, Refinery29, and Harpers Bazaar Japan, as well as many others.

“I’m a Brooklyn-based photographer who takes photos of people, animals, food, and the spaces that all of those things live in. That’s a long-winded way of saying I really enjoy taking environmental portraiture. I’m inspired by meeting and seeing different people and capturing who they are. I love, love, love when you can feel someone’s personality in their space. I also love coffee, dogs (especially long ones like my basset, Clementine), patterns, colors, treehouses, houseboats, and vintage campers.

So here’s a glimpse into what’s in my camera bag: My main camera for work is the Canon 5D Mark 3, and then I have a range of lenses from 17-40 to 85mm. I generally prefer prime lenses and have learned that the Canon L series autofocus lenses work best for my workflow. My actual camera bag is a rolling suitcase – the Think Tank Airport Takeoff, which I highly recommend. It has basically saved my back (as I used to use a camera backpack) and it’s incredibly well thought out.

I don’t go anywhere without CF cards, a card reader, tether cables, pocket wizards, extra batteries, and a backup drive. The little notebook is for taking notes during meetings, which is somehow still more effective for me than typing. And then the horse case holds business cards, and I’ve got 2 little film cameras (Olympus PEN half frame) and a plastic underwater camera that always come in handy when traveling. I just got a LockPort USB which is pretty cool too – it helps to save your camera port from accidentally breaking.”

Check out more of Winnie’s work here, and enjoy a taste of her style in the gallery below.


FB: Winnie Au Photography

Instagram: @WINNIEWOW