3D Printing and CGI by shootdigital In This Month’s Wired

Apr 4 2014


Yes, the world where you can own a robot that mows your lawn is one we now live in. In fact, the story in this months Wired, “Master of Your Domain”, features all sorts futuristic gadgets now available for your garden.

Photographer Zachary Zavislak and stylist Helen Quinn contacted shootdigital to model and 3d-print the gadgets featured in the article. Shootdigital 3d-printed scale models of flying drones that can be programmed to keep deer from snacking on your marigolds, robotic lawn mowers to clip the grass automatically, and smartphone-controlled sprinklers and irrigation systems to ensure the whole yard stays happy and healthy. In addition to the gadgets, shootdigital 3d-printed props for the shoot including the bbq grill, lawn umbrella, deer, and people.

Design and 3d printing was completed in four short days… Just in time for the models to be delivered to the prop stylist so they could be hand-painted over the weekend for a Monday morning shoot. However, while on set the photographer realized it would be difficult or impossible to simulate certain elements required for the shoot. Shootdigital CGI was called on to create the smoke effect for the grill and the spray effect for the sprinkler.

View the full gallery on our 3d printing service page, or check out the full article on wired.com.